About us

Our history

We are a family business with more than fifty years of experience. The company, without losing its identity, has adapted to the professionalism which the sector demands in order to be competent in the manufacture of tools of decoration and the application of paint.

Over the years and with the growing needs of our customers, together with the idea of continued improvement within the heart of the company, the development of new production processes and expansion of other product lines, always related to paint and decoration, has taken place.

Our plant

We possess modern installations near Oviedo, Spain. These cover an area of 42, 000 square metres, 9,700 of which are occupied by buildings.

Research and innovation

We currently have a Research and Design Department within the company, with a technical department and workshop whose role is to develop new production processes, machinery, moulds and the design of new products in order to facilitate the use of tools, improving the performance of such and trying to optimise their cost.


All our manufactured goods and products are controlled in each phase of their development in accordance with the regulation ISO 9001:2000.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy as a business is the attainment of the following objectives:

Satisfaction of the customer in all their requirements, with a rapid and effective sales and after sales service
Continuous improvement, innovation of the product and the production process in response to the new techniques of decoration.
To guarantee a quality product

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